What are Authorized Sales Partners?

Based in select locations across the globe, Meta Authorized Sales Partners are extensions of Meta’s sales teams. They help advertisers and agencies achieve their business goals by providing local assistance, strategic direction and expertise across the family of Meta products. All partners are vetted, trained and educated by Meta to ensure quality service.

Why should I work with Authorized Sales Partners?

Authorized Sales Partners offer three main benefits:


  • Solutions expertise: With expertise across all products, apps and services, Authorized Sales Partners can help you make the most of what Meta has to offer.
  • Local support and consulting: Authorized Sales Partners provide in-region support, local billing and consulting on both the strategic and optimization aspects of your campaigns.
  • In-market training: Authorized Sales Partners can offer access to programs and training, including workshops and Meta Blueprint, to help your teams learn new and essential skills.


Some of the services Authorized Sales Partners offer include:


  • Campaign consultancy with regional experience
  • Deep solutions expertise for Meta’s family of apps and services
  • A direct point of contact, located in the same region as your business
  • In-market training programs such as Blueprint Live and Blueprint
  • Certification preparation
  • Local billing
How can I start working with Meta Authorized Sales Partner?

If you want to start working with us just contact us using the contact form on the website. You can also contact any employee using their specified e-mails on this webpage

Can I use my old Ad Account while working with ASP?

In order to be working with us you will need a new Ad Account. We will create an Ad Account and provide you with the onboarding around the process of using it.

What are the service fees that ASP can charge?

We do not apply any service fees or markups for our services. We bill an collect amounts based on the actual ad spendings in your ad account.

What if we require proof that you are the official partner for Meta in Central Asia?

You can visit the Meta ASP website for further verification, the website page lists all the official Meta ASP partners.  You can also click on the Meta Authorized Sales Partner badge on our website and check the authenticity of the certification.