Brand RAMS Qazaqstan
Industry Real estate
Country Kazakhstan
Tools Advantage+
campaign budget

Maximizing lead volume

Meta Authorized Sales Partner Admixer Advertising helped this real estate company connect with qualified prospects using Meta Advantage+ and automated algorithms—resulting in a 51% increase in leads.

The first Central Asian case study was presented on the Meta website.



RAMS Qazaqstan is a leading real estate developer in Kazakhstan that specializes in the construction of residential complex properties for comfort, business and premium segments. The company strives for quality, adhering to advanced construction and service standards. RAMS Qazaqstan creates homes that combine elegant design, functionality and comfort.


RAMS wanted to create more meetings and sales with potential prospects for their new real estate property by testing the efficacy of automating lead generation versus manually setting up campaigns.

In the past, RAMS had focused on narrow audiences for their acquisition campaigns. They also ran remarketing campaigns, but didn’t exclude these audiences from their acquisition campaigns, which caused audience overlap. This time around, RAMS wanted to run a campaign for a broader audience with target interests to improve their results and avoid audience overlap.


To reach the maximum number of qualified leads at a low cost, RAMS partnered with Admixer Advertising on a lead generation campaign. The campaign featured a variety of ad formats, including video and static image ads with different messages. The ads highlighted the emotional benefits for future property owners using actual trends in the video creative. Other creative options showed the financial conditions and other material benefits in traditional ways for real estate advertising.


Admixer Advertising provided the performance audit of RAMS’ ad account and recommended using and testing Advantage+ for campaign optimization. RAMS used their in-house team to run the ad campaigns. RAMS used Advantage+ to reach relevant audiences and maximize their number of leads. New audiences were selected based on their interests. Remarketing audiences were excluded from the acquisition campaigns, which helped RAMS to eliminate campaign overlap. RAMS also showed ads featuring separate messaging to audiences of customers from their CRM database. The ads appeared in Facebook and Instagram Feed, Facebook and Instagram Stories, and Instagram Reels.

Vilen Biyev

Internet Marketer, RAMS
“The significant boost of highly-qualified leads which were turned into property sales shows that using Meta products during high-reach campaigns conducted under time pressure helps the company to successfully achieve business-goals and increase sales in tight timelines.”


To measure the success of the campaign, RAMS measured the number of meetings they earned with potential customers and property sales. Their measurement approach used data from Meta Ads Manager as well as RAM’s in-house contact center and CRM system. The campaign—running from March 1 to April 30, 2023—was successful in earning more leads, at a low cost per lead and converting leads into meetings and sales. Results were measured using RAMS’ CRM system and the Microsoft Power BI platform for business analytics.

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