Brand Texnomart
Industry Commerce
Country Uzbekistan
Tools Advantage+ Shopping

Increase of online sales using Meta Advantage+ shopping campaign

Texnomart – leading online appliance store collaborated with Admixer Advertising to test Meta’s Advantage+ suit and launch Advantage+ Shopping campaign to boost their sales and saw a 155% increase in online sales.


Texnomart is a large retail chain founded in 2008. The company specializes in selling a wide range of large and small household appliances and consumer electronics. The company’s product portfolio includes more than 20 thousand items.

In 2013, shortly after a rebranding, the peak growth began. Currently, the network has 38 offline stores in Uzbekistan.


Texnomart aimed to boost online sales and decrease acquisition costs by leveraging the Advantage+ Shopping campaign and assess the extent to which this tool would contribute to the increase in online sales.


The Admixer Advertising team conducted a quarterly performance audit of the client’s advertising campaigns to identify opportunities for increasing online sales. Based on the audit results, recommendations were provided to the client for customizing advertising campaigns. Additionally, it was suggested to leverage Meta tools based on artificial intelligence to reduce the cost of targeted actions and boost sales.

Taking into account the client’s specifics and objectives, the team recommended the Advantage+ Shopping campaign tool.

The Advantage+ Shopping campaign was launched between August 8 and August 30, 2023. A product catalog was manually uploaded for this purpose. Utilizing the product catalog, specific users were shown targeted ads featuring products identified by the algorithms as more likely to be purchased.

Texnomart also applied Advantage+ settings (Campaign Budget Optimization, Advantage Placements) in other parallel advertising campaigns.

The decision was made to target a broad audience, selecting only the geo-targeting – the areas and cities where offline stores are represented to maximize conversions and enable the system to scale the reach of the audience interested in making purchases.

The initiation of the Advantage+ Shopping campaign led to a significant surge in sales. Further measurement of key metrics using Yandex. Metrics indicated a 1.5-fold increase in online sales. Moreover, the client successfully reduced the cost of a targeted action by over 33% and attracted an additional volume of the target audience.

Saidakhmedov Saidamirkhon

Digital Marketing manager, Texnomart
“Meta's automated AI-based algorithms are showing excellent results. Already in a short period of time, we have managed to increase online sales.”


Texnomart introduced Advantage+ Shopping campaigns to its ads from August 8–August 30, 2023, and measured the results:

increase in online sales
decrease cost per click
overall conversion rate to purchase