Brand Sezim
Industry Services
Country Kazakhstan
Tools Look-alike audience

Optimizing a DR campaign using measurement approach

Admixer Advertising collaborated with online therapy service Sezim to improve performance of its DR campaign through testing LaL audiences and saw a 14% increase in conversion to purchases.


Sezim is a Kazakh online psychological therapy service where one can choose a personal specialist for quality online consultations anywhere anytime. Only 5% of doctors pass the qualification selection of the platform. The goal of the project is to develop a culture of psychological services.


Admixer with Sezim wanted to test different LaL audiences to understand if LaL audiences can improve conversions to registration and purchase and which of LaL audiences is the most cost-effective.


Sezim partnered with Admixer on a campaign with conversion objectives into registration and purchases for its online therapy services.

The campaign consisted of two video copies, both copies created in a lo-fi concept. One copy featured a product description provided by a Sezim platform user. Second copy is in a testimonial format from another Sezim user.

The brand was convinced to try out the advantage of Meta’s algorithms to target relevant audiences through the look-alike instrument. Together with the brand we created two look alike (LaL) audiences. One audience was LaL with 1% difference for already registered users on the platform. Another audience was LaL with 1% difference for the audience which previously engaged with the brand’s advertising. Creating these audiences had a hypothesis that different LaL audiences lead to different types of conversions. LaL for those who interacted with ads can generate more registrations on the platform, and LaL for those who made a purchase may generate more sales and/or increase conversions. 

The ads appeared in Instagram Stories and Instagram Reels. The goal of the Meta campaign was sales. Additionally, Sezim measured the change in the level of conversion to Lead (registration) and sale (purchase).

Sezim previously used advertising on Meta platforms for cold audiences by testing ad performance to different age and gender groups. The client felt that this approach is costly and does not provide the best result in terms of cost of customer acquisition. To verify the effectiveness of different LaL audiences Sezim used A/B test to track the cost of acquisition through a proxy metric of CPC. While Sezim tracked additional the amount of registered users and purchases from two audiences in the test.

The test proved that LaL audiences are capable of boosting the performance of Selim’s DR campaign. Through the A/B test the client was able to identify the best performing audience which not only decreased the cost of acquisition but also performed 14% better in terms of purchases amount. The winning audience was LaL for ad engagement, which proved that the initial hypothesis was not correct and helped Sezim top select a correct ad strategy.

Ekaterina Gurieva

Operations Director
"The results of the campaign show that Meta's tools can not only increase brand awareness, but also boost a company's sales, helping to achieve business goals."


The campaign, in which A/B testing was launched from April through May was successful in both conversion targets, registrations and sales, compared to the previous BAU practices.

increase in registrations due to launch of LaL audiences
decrease of CPC for a winning LaL audience in A/B test
increase in conversions to purchase for a winning LaL audience